Monday, September 28, 2015

London Cloud Cover

I love this picture. So many things can come to your mind when viewing it. The early break of day, the clouds covering the city as it starts to wake. The quietness before the chaos.

For me is sense a story start to unfold. I look at this beautiful photo and I see in my mind out of shot of the picture a plane. A small two seated plane drifting through the cloud cover enjoying the morning sun rise when suddenly something goes wrong. The clouds are too thick, the air pressure is wrong, and the pilot starts to lose control of the plane.

The plane swerves then dives. The pilot holding onto the controls desperately. He shouts to his co-pilot he has lost control and he needs to adjust the pressure. The plane climbs missing the top of a building, but then climbs to high. The co-pilot fights with gauges and buttons, trying to gain control of the plane. The pilot pulls down on the controls and the plane starts to descend.

The plane levels out just in time before hitting the top of a building. The pilot circles back to the city as the sun rises higher on the horizon and the clouds start to lift. The city is just waking. It's time to go home. It has been a long night.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bullying: It Never Seems to Go Away

See that picture up there? I love that picture. Why? It's simple. Just look at it. The picture alone says it all. We will not tolerated bullying.

Bullying is all around us, at home, in school, at the work place. People concentrate on kids bullying other kids all the time, and with school now in session it is something that is at the top of the list for people to be aware of all the time. But does it really ever end? In my eyes, sadly no. It is always something we need to teach. Kids need to be aware of others people's feelings, young and old.

As we concentrate on stopping the bullying sometimes I feel one thing is being lost, forgotten, and not addressed and it should be. What about the bully. We need to stop and think about why these kids and adults are bullies in the first place. I promise you one thing. There is an underlying problem there. The solution? Get help. These bullies have emotional problems of their own. Get to the source of the problem and the bullying stops.

This is where my knowledge of writing and books come into play. Ever hear of The Berenstain Bears? Of course you have, we all have. The book is called The Berenstain Bears and the Bully. Read it again. The bully turns out has emotional problems of her own, which I'm happy to say are addressed in the book.

More recently a new book is out on the market. No I have not read it, but I like the idea and am interested in what the author has to say. The Book is called FLAWD by Emily-Anne Regal and she is the founder of WeStopHate. She is a 21 year old who was bullied herself and after changing schools became the bully. I have to say I'm interested in reading her story. How about you?

My point? Don't just stop the bullying, stop the cycle.

Monday, September 14, 2015

An Author's Day

Day by Day I write I type
I cut, I paste
I cry, I gripe.

My fingers fly across the page
I grapple for words alive with rage

I make the old worlds new again
I rip
I tear
I paste, I dare
To create a world new and alive
For my characters to live and thrive.

I cut, I paste
And gripe once more
In hopes you will someday explore
The world I create in my heart of hearts
To share with the world
My work of art.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Apple Season!

It's apple season! Know what that means? Of course you do. It means apple picking. Over the years my husband and I always got this wrong. We would wait until the first of October and say "Hey, boys let's go apple picking." We would drive to the local apple orchard and find most of the apples gone.

Apparently we were out of practice. October is pumpkin season, we knew that but we also thought it was apple season. Wrong! Apple season is in September. We got it right now.

There is something about fall apples. Sure you can go to the local super market and get apples all year round and I do, but you have to admit they just aren't the same. That first bite of a perfectly ripe fall apple is amazing. So light, so crisp and juicy. Then there is the smell, oh it's heavenly. Nothing else compares.

I usually spend my weekend morning during this season making my husbands favorite: Apple Cake. It is a recipe handed down from my Grandmother. Everyone in the family made sure they got a copy. We wanted to make use her recipes lived on after she past. I promise you Grandma Helen, I think of you every time I make the apple cake. What better way to honor a loved one?  I usually have to make more than one a season I can tell you that and I know Grandma Helen did too.

What are your favorite recipes made with fresh fall apples? Tell me, maybe we can share.
Happy Apple Picking!-