Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Little Game I Like to Play

There is a game I like to play with my boys, and I thought it would be fun to share it with you. You see my boys love animals, what kid doesn't right? We flip through a book and give the animals a voice. It really brings the picture to life. I posted mine below the picture.

"Aw, mom, really? Everyone is watching!"

See even Mom tigers can't kiss their kids in public. 
What would you have the tigers say? Put your caption in the comments and share with us.  I'd love to see your thoughts. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Little Faith

I found this saying on Facebook last week, and I felt I needed to share it. Now I can't speak for everyone, and as you know I never do. I only speak for myself, but I find when life gets a little rough around the edges I turn to my faith. You see, we are not supposed to know why things happen in life. We are not supposed to know why things happen the way they do.What we are supposed to know is that there is always a plan. It might not be our plan, but it is a plan non the less.

Sometimes, we fight the plan laid out before us, and that is when the road gets harder to travel. Sometimes that is good. It challenges us, makes us prove we really want what we are fighting for. Other times no matter how long and hard we fight nothing changes. I've decided those are the times when you have to say, "Okay, it's just not my time yet, but my time will come."

Have faith, keep fighting and remember, you're time will come. Maybe not the way you planned. Maybe not in your time frame; but there is a reason for that. Once we get  through that rough patch, hopefully we can see why things turned out the way they did. So have faith, and know we never go through those rough patches alone.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tell me a Story Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone,

I know I know, I've been gone a long time. I come and go like the season's lately. I've been working on my novel, working at my day job, etc... You all know the drill. Through it all I have neglected my blog. There have been many times when I thought I might scrap it all together. Let's face it. I'm not hear as much as I used to be and I tried many times to revive it.  I want to say thank you to my loyal visitors, it means a lot to me that you keep returning hoping to find something new.

Well, now I have something new for you. It's called Tell me a Story.  Once a month (notice I'm trying not to commit myself to much here in case things go wrong. LOL) I'm going to post a picture of something. It is your job to write me a short shorty or a poem about the picture. Note: This is for fun only, there are no prizes, just a fun writing exercise to broaden our skill.

I will always start you guys off with a story or poem of my own to get the juices flowing.  The first Tell me a Story starts Tuesday March 4th so make sure you come back then to see what picture I have for you. What do you say? Do you like the idea? Let me know in the comments

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Okemo, VT

Well I'm back from my weekend at Okemo Mountain and I have to tell you, it was very cold We made our way up Friday night after the boys got out of school; there was no way I was going to take them out of school. We stopped a few times for dinner and bathroom breaks; not to mention feed and walk Rascal.

It was around nine by the time we got there, so it wasn't long before everyone was off to bed so we could get an early start Saturday morning.

My husband got up early with the boys and sighed them up for snow boarding lessons, much to their delight(they were not happy). I hit the slopes with my mother-in-law mid morning and got a few runs in on the magic carpet to warm up, before buying tickets for the lift and taking a break for lunch back at the house. After lunch my Mother-in-law and I hit the slopes again before joining my husband for a few runs, before picking up the kids.

Sunday, it was too cold for me, so I stayed home. I was really upset about it too, but with the temperature being 17 degrees, and the wind chill at around 3 degrees the furthest I got was walking Rascal around the block. Even then I had to put on snow pants and thermals. I could barely walk let alone ski.

Monday morning we headed home praying that we weren't headed towards a driveway full of snow that needed to be shoveled. Yes, that's right, if you live in the North East like me, you heard or dealt with the snow that came in Saturday.  Thankfully their wasn't much snow, and I was able to get Rascal to the vet for an evening appointment. Thank my friends is a story in itself. Stay turned. I'll tell you all about my puppy, next post.

In the mean time, tell me how your President's Day weekend went?