Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

Get out there and VOTE!

Honestly I can't believe it is actually here, voting day; and I can't tell you how happy, and stressed out it makes me at the same time.  I see myself as a very patriotic person so I take voting very seriously. There are many issues on the table this year, a lot of important decisions have to be made.

These decision are not easy ones, some times I wonder if there really is a right or wrong way. There certainly isn't an easy way, I'll tell you that. The important thing though is that you get out there and voice your opinion, what ever that may be. Too many people have died fighting for our right to vote, and many still and will die for it. So stop complaining about what other people voted for. Instead, thank those who fought for our right by going out and making your voice be heard by voting. It's that simple.