Friday, June 29, 2012

Game Over

Looks like baseball is over in my house.  Needles to say I have one very upset little boy.  He was so proud to have made it so far. He really wanted to win last night.

It all comes down to a learning experience. I told him. We all fall down, it is what you do after you fall that counts. So, I asked him "what do you do when you fall?"  He just looked at me waiting for my reply.  "You get back up." I said. "And you keep getting back up."

I tried to put it in terms he can understand. I was honest, but I hope comforting. "Only a chosen few make it this far, the ones who try hard and play hard. The ones who get back up when they fall down. Not everyone wins the World Series, not everyone wins the Stanley Cup and that's okay, because there is always next year. Now is the time to get back up and get ready for next year."

It's important that kids learn to lose as much as they learn to win, it makes winning is so much sweeter. Knowing you fell down, got back up, and never gave up.

What lesson's have your kids learned recently?  What lesson's have you learn? Tell me while I get ready for the next sport season.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh My, How Time Does Fly

I've been bad, I've been very bad.

I promised you guys I would post on which of my boys won their head to head game against each other and I didn't.  Not that I didn't think about doing it. I just didn't have time, then when I had the time, I figured-heck, do you guys really even care?

Well surprisingly I'm still in the mist of the baseball season. My youngest son's team won that night. It was a great game, with great plays and a good time was had by all. My oldest is done with baseball now. By double elimination his team is now out of the playoffs, while my youngest's team has made it to the Championships.  Tonight is the big game. If they win tonight they will play in the World Series on Saturday. Which mind you is my anniversary.  Somehow neither my husband nor I mind sitting through one last game on our anniversary if they do win tonight.  

Oh and I got an award while I have been away. I want to thank  Shannon Taylor Hodnett for the Kreativ Blogger Award from Now hop over and check her out! 

And by hook or by crook I will post the results to the Championship game tonight!
What crazy, lovely things have you been up to these days! Tell me, I'll be in the stands cheering for the Sea Dogs.  :-)