Thursday, May 26, 2011

Children's TV Shows

Today I flashed back to my childhood.  A few friends of mine were talking about the children shows we grew up with and how different they are from the shows on TV today.  One of them was the The Muppets.  Oh the memories. If  you grew up in the late 70 and 80's then you would remember The Muppets.  Those lovable creatures with their zany ways are hard to forget.

Most of you can remember the lead characters like Kermit, and Missy Piggy, but how many remember Gonzo with his funky hair; one could never tell what kind of creature he was, and Animal, the way he played those drums, so unlike a pro.  How could you not laugh?  Or Fozzie the Bear, Slater or Scooter? For the patriot their was always Sam the American Eagle, bet you don't remember him? What about Dr. Benson Honeydew and Beaker?  I used to love watching their science experiments go wrong.  Then their were the critics  always commenting on everything.  Do you remember the Swedish Chef?  No one could whip up a meal like him with his "hourde dum" speal.  Love him.  All of the characters are crazy in their own lovable way.
 Today The Muppets would be considered a punch of misfits, but they are the most lovable, accepting group of characters that were ever on TV.  In evey episode The Muppets worked together.  They had their silly times, serious times, and they always accepted everyone.  Never did you hear a snide remark towards another character, or say something mean, rude, or disrespectful to another character whether it be another muppet or human on any of their shows.

The Muppet Show wasn't necessarily an educational show, it was just good clean fun.  Now, compare the childern shows that are on TV today, and what do you notice?  Can you name any that are good clean fun?  Oh, there are some, just not many, and you have to think really hard to come up with one don't you?  Thought so. Now name one that when you look at the character you don't say to yourself, "What the hell is that?"  or  "Oh please, are you for real?"  Seriously sometimes it's sad how times change.
But not to worry The Muppets still live on.  Did you know they still are a favorite for many people in Disney.  It's nice to know that the classic don't die.  I just wish the show was on TV on a regular basis so today's kids can enjoy some good clean fun.  The question is, with all the changes on the TV today, would they appreciate them. I'd like to think so.  Thank you Jim Hensen for all the lovable characters you have created and the world of fun they live in. 


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Healthy School Lunches: Why is this so Hard?

I have to tell everyone about these articles I found.  I found them while reading the Today Show online.  If you have kids in school, this is something you definitely want to read. The title of the article that got my attention is called, Cafeteria chaos: School bans lunches from home . Now first off, the title alone shocked me, so of course I had to find out why a school would ban home lunches.  Read the article for yourself to find out.  It will definitely cause a stir.  In the middle of the article their is a note on related stories entitled: Related Story: What is school lunch really like? One woman ate it every day, and blogged about it. Now this really got my interest.  I don't know about you but I haven't eaten a school lunch, well since gramer school. Read her blog to see what it is all about.

I remember and I'm talking a long time ago that school lunches were not great, but were not horrible either, but then again. Our taste buds probably were not all that developed yet either and part of me thinks it is that fact the school's are banking on.  The fact is school lunches are not healthy.  I don't care how many fruits and veggies you serve, the staple of the meal isn't, and that is where school's go wrong. Don't get me wrong many of the kids do eat the fruit, I know my son does, simply because he loves fruit. So I don't worry there, but I know he isn't eating the veggies, and at my school there aren't many veggies on the menu at all.

There is a huge argument over the overhaul of the lunch menu at schools, it is a nation wide problem and the government is trying to change the program.  I don't personally know why it is so difficult?  I understand that the schools have to work within a budget, but if parents are able to put a healthy meal on the able for their kids at home within a buget, why can't the schools? 

I keep hearing so it's just so expensive to cook healthy in the school, yet we are drilled constantly that it is possible to cook healthy at home and it not cost a fortune.  Sorry people, but you can't have it both ways, so make up your mind. 

Personaly I have a idea.  It might not be a solution, but I believe it is a step in the right direction.  I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution when it was on, I think it was last year.  The show concentrated on a school in Virginia.  Jamie had some good ideas.  (Notice I said some-not all).

Here are a few ideas based on watching Jamie's show.  (He gets the credit here not me).  1) Less starch.  Why are their 2 starches on the menu?  2) Milk/ chocolate milk.  Not coffee milk, not strawberry milk, (how much of that is wasted and thrown away anyway?)  I say coffee milk because they offer that in my schools.  Why are we introducing 5-10 years old coffee flavors?  Not appropriate if you ask me. 3) Get rid of the processed meats. I know that is hard, but why can't they grill the chicken or the burgers? 4) Taco's- I don't care what you say, they are NOT healthy.  5) Pretzels and mustered does not contatute a lunch. 6) Stop offering one than two things a day. This alone will save the school's money. 7) Let's be realistic, the kids are not going to eat the veggies, but if you stop cooking them, most kids will.  I know my kids will not eat cooked veggies, but love raw ones. People I can go on, but I think you get the idea.

One starch, one meat, one veggie, one piece of fruit, and milk is all a child needs.  Why is that so hard?  You know where I stand, now it's your turn.  What are your thoughts on the subject?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Man vs Wild

Now I am NOT the outdoorsy type, but I have to admit, these things do interest me.  Maybe it's because I have boys, or maybe it is because I grew up camping with my family, or maybe it's because I love the country more then the city.  What ever the reason nature in general and how the earth works and how man has learned to survive in it harsh elements have always interested me.

Think about it.  We have homes to give us shelter, we have electricity, and running water just to name a few, and yet when you step into the woods it is gone all of it.  Some people enter the woods and camp for only a few days but never really leave to conviences of their modern life behind.  They camp in campers, or cabins.  For some they take camping a step further and actually use a tent, but still hold on tight to the modern conviences of their lives.  They use store bought kitchen utensils, sleeping bags, pillows, they bring their radio's, DSI's, what ever it may be.

Now watch the show Man vs Wild.  To be honest I have only watch a few shows, but that is really all it takes to understand the jist of the show.  He is a lone man living in the wild.  His goal is not to educate you on how to live in the wild for an extended period of time, his goal is to teach you how to survive, God for bid you get lost, and you need to navigate your way out of you situation.  He teaches you how to make temporary shelter, cook food with no kitchen supplies at all, put you food in a place where bears can not get it, or you.  He also teaches you how to find you way back to the main food, or people if that be the case.

No, the show is not for everyone, but I find it very education, and it's a great reference when preparing a camping trip out into the wilderness.  How you ever watched Man vs Wild?  Tell me what you thought of it the show?  Did you learn anything you can pass on?  I did.  I learned how to cook fish wraped in a large leaf to protect it from burning over the fire.  Now it your turn to share.