Friday, May 26, 2017

So the Journey Begins

May 26, 2017

It's Friday Morning, and I am finally feeling like myself. Actually I felt good yesterday too. That is the day I really started to feel better. I went off my caffeine free and gluten free plan this past weekend while we were away for my son's baseball tournament (well, half gluten free. Not everything I've been eating has been gluten free. I figure ease my way into this)  Ever since I've decided to work on healing my thyroid from the inside out I  have learned a lot about my body, and I'm still learning. For example:

Turns out as much as I love coffee, it doesn't love me back. After being off of coffee for a about 2 weeks I decided I wanted a cup. After having 1/2 a cup I noticed I was feeling bloated and just down right yucky so I dumped it and make myself a cup of green tea. Which by the way has become my friend. Then, after doing more research I found that beautiful cup of tea might not be all that great for my thyroid. Ugh?  I so decided to experiment on different teas which are good for my thyroid. Turns out Echinacea tea is very good, plus it helps boost the immune system. Total plus since a thyroid condition is auto-immune. I also found that small dosages of green tea is okay, so I can still have a cup. My favorite morning drink though is cranberry juice mixed with water warmed up. It tastes just like the cranberry tea I used to make in college. That and apple juice also mixed with water with a cinnamon stick warmed. Instant apple cider. Yum.

Those have turned out to me by morning drinks, oh and white tea is a favorite as well. As you can tell I like to change things up a bit.

Going gluten free has not been easy, I'm still figuring out what I can eat and how I am going to incorporate it into my family's life style. Change is hard for everyone. I figure if I can win the morning battle on caffeine, I'm in good shape.

I have also went back to bone broth. My husband and I were both doing it a while back, but he didn't like drinking just broth after a while. I don't blame him. It can be a bit much, but I've cut down on every day and try to switch it up a bit. Sometimes I drink it 3 days in a row, sometimes every few days. I do what feels right and as long as I get it in, that is what is important.

I also found it has a lot of calcium in it which is important to me because I've also noticed milk products have started to bother me. It's weird though, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. So I'm still trying to figure that one out. Like I know milk bothers me as well as soft cheeses, but hard cheese don't. Ice cream seems to be okay, but I'm starting to think only in small dosages. So confusing.

So this is where I stand now. According to my doctor no matter how much better I feel doing this program, which is a lot of  work, I will always have to take thyroid medicine for Hashimoto disease. She said it can lower my dosage of medicine and if I feel better then absolutely do it, but I'm determined to prove to give it a try anyway.   

More on carbs, gluten and recipes I've tried next time.
If you've a question or a comment let me know. - Cynthia

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Every Journey Has a Beginning

Finding Balance- In Everyday Life

Hi Everyone! It has been forever since I have posted on this blog. I'm sorry if you missed me. I have been away for far too long. Today I thought I'd introduce my new blog to you. I've decided to turn my writing blog into a journal of sorts. My own person diary documenting my struggles and achievements with trying to heal my thyroid through exercise and diet.

I'm not expecting this to be easy. In fact I've already started and I've wavered a lot over the course of 2 months. Still I'm far from giving up and I thought if I document my journey and share it with you, I just might have more success.

So join me on this new adventure, I plan on posting recipes, tips, goals, success and all types of things related. Hey, you might learn something, and if you comment, which is always great, we can all learn something.

Look for my first post on Friday! See you then- Cynthia